Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Townhome Tuesday: IKEA Hol Table => Litter Hider

One of the best DIY projects Zach and I have done is the litter box holder we made for our cat Cheetoh. The best thing about this project is that it is super easy - otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone through the trouble. First we just bought the Hol side table from IKEA and put it together like normal. Then Zach sawed a hole into one of the sides for Cheetoh to fit into the box. The last step was painting the table. Voila! Check it out:
The top of the table comes off so the litter is accessible for cleaning.

 Here's a silly picture of Cheetoh protecting his scratching post while Zach cleans the litter.

I also added screws to the side so I could attach his scratching post. 

The table blends into the room - no one would guess there was litter in there.

This table is perfect because it has holes in it so the litter can be aired out. It's also just big enough on the inside to fit a litter box and a scoop. And it blends easily into any room since you can paint it whatever color you want.

That's all for today, have a great week!

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